Tuesday, August 9, 2016

4 Tips To Healthy Lifestyle and Wellbeing

There are countless number of things you can do every day for better control of your health and existence, but I’ve gathered few simple things that will make you feel better, improve your health tremendously and make you live longer. Your health should always be the number one priority and not that thing that is fetching you money. Always remember wealth isn’t health. There are just four of them and each of them is explained in detail. See them below:

1.  Take a 30mins jog everyday

women jogging n the morning hours

I still wonder why most women are not fit to exercise by jogging. This is what I do almost every day and I never complained about any health issue since past 8 months.

Jogging is useful at any time in the day, but doing it in the morning is always the best way. Morning jogging gives you incredible energy for the whole day. You will see how much things are done during the entire day and you will be more concentrated than ever.
Difference between running and jogging is that; while running, you are exercising at a faster kilojoule and you will get tired easily, but jogging makes it simple by not getting tired easily.

Most people don’t jog in the morning because they find it hard to get up very early. To tackle this is however not a big issue. You already know what to do by skipping night televisions and go to bed early.

2.  Binge eating

binge eating woman surrounded with alot of food on a white table

It is a short period of excessive consumption of food. Bingeing is a bad eating habit that needed to be stop before things get worse. Eating large proportion of food at a single table hour is the primary cause of some overweight people. These people grow big gradually and become lazy, they won’t feel better any longer because they are already fat and have a larger stomach.

Larger appetite only develops when you train yourself with larger amount of food. You will want to feel full all the time even when you have sustainable nutrient in your digestive system.

However, most people don’t know binge eating habit can lead to binge eating disorderliness (BED) – a serious mental illness that is caused by recurrent binge eating. Many people with this disease will not feel like purging like the normal people do. Although, they will feel tired and bloated. You will see them very overweight (obesed).

Treatment on binge eating disorderliness is very much available. Seek help from a professional with specialized knowledge in eating disorders.

4 tips to stop binge eating

  • Pay attention to what foods and combinations of food that satisfies you most. Recognize the word satisfy in the sentence. Satisfaction is important. Eating until your stomach gets filled up is never important.
  • Focus on chewing your food very well in the mouth before swallowing and enjoy your meal hours.
  • Don’t wait until you feel very hungry so as not to eat with intense.
  • Always think about moderation during your meal hour.

3.  Drink a cup of water in the morning

water n a vintage and a glass cup on the table

This helps a lot by getting rid of metabolized and waste materials in the body faster so as to enjoy your daily activities later during the day.

When you wake up in the morning, a cup of water should be the first thing that should come to your mind. You can even drink until you are full. Water contains no calorie, you will feel lighter in minutes.

Mind you! Moderation is crucial in any form of diet. Don’t say because I said you can drink till your stomach gets filled up and make it as a habit. Be wise!

4.  Check your morning urine

checking the colour of your urne in the morning

Your morning urine colour can tell a lot about your health status. Most times, the exact colour of urine depends on the level of intake of water. If your urine is colourless, it means you are drinking excessively, if it is a transparent yellow, it is rendered normal, if your morning urine is always an amber (Brownish yellow) colour, means you aren’t getting adequate amount of water.

However, some morning urine are darker in colour, might be the level of concentration of urine due to the dehydration process the body undergone during sleep, and might be of an infection.

If your morning urine is consistently darker in colour, it is very advisable you consult your physician. 


  1. Nice post. Am going to be drinking a lot of water.

  2. I noticed that my urine is always yellow what should I do

    1. Always drink plenty of water everyday


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