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Awesome strategies to implement for effective management of stress

Women! How do you cope when it comes to family living, do you live a healthy lifestyle?
Managing and handling of stress has really been neglected in most family, especially in women. Some women handle stress well and some do not.
Do you know stress once affected my menstrual cycle and collapsed my retentiveness? Yes! Stress affected my menstrual cycle the time I didn’t know how to tackle and handle stress. Some women let stress become a burden to them, disturb their peace of mind and stir up their mental agitation, because they lack simple strategies for managing and controlling stress.
There are varieties of ways to deal with stress but I will show you few simple strategies I use personally to control stress which you can also put into practice.

Read this part thoroughly and take action. I’m very sure you will come back and thank me and my blog

1.   Recognize and understand your stress

stressed woman

Understanding your stress triggers are the first thing to do. Study and recognize what brings about accumulation of unhealthy emotions. Though, it may not easy as you think. I recognize my stress easily because it falls under work stressor. The pressure of performing in the workplace and home includes tight deadlines, an unpredictable boss and endless family demand.

2.   Eating healthily and Regularly

woman eatin healthily

This has always be the integral part when tackling any disease. Avoid smoking and drinking of alcohol to make you calm, they only make things worse. Learn to eat fruit and vegetables everyday of your life and reduce caffeine and sugar at a very low rate.
I forgot caffeine as a stimulant because I knew that I only wanted to crash my mood. Please make sure you reduce coffee, caffeinated tea and all other caffeine containing substance so as to make you feel relaxed and better.
I must confess to you that if you are able to eat healthily, a well balanced diet and fresh fruit and vegetables. Your stress rate is reduced by 60%.

3.   Exercise regularly

women exercisng in the gym house

A good body workout is a perfect and effective way of managing stress. You may think exercise only complicates a stressful nature, No! The tissues in the body accumulate more oxygen when your heart is raised by exercise. You accumulate healthy emotions and build stronger immune system.
Exercise makes you feel creative and have a better control of life. You develop rational thinking and sharp retentive memory.
I exercise for at least 30 minutes, 4 times a week just to sweat out accumulated stress and tensions out of my body. I trim flowers in my garden myself and also take a long walk.

3. Enough sleep

wman not having enough sleep

I went to bed at 11:30pm and woke up by 4:30. I woke up my older son by 6.00am and woke the younger one by 6:30am. Obviously, I lived a restless and stressful dog life. I couldn’t sleep well because of my stressful nature. I tackled this and have a better life.
If you are a victim of soundless sleep, follow these guide and nothing shall stop you from having a good and enough sleep and better day ahead.

See how you can get enough sleep

In the night, eat at a very considerable amount and don’t full your stomach, relax for like 40minutes before going to bed. During relaxation, focus on something more important and try not to think about something meaningless. You can take a book and read or watch interesting movie. If the book is interesting, it is possible you sleep off from there, but if you still don’t feel sleepy, go get a warm shower and drink warm water or you can add milk if you like. Go to bed and take your book again, Read and I’m very sure you will dose off and get enough sleep from there.

These are strategies I used in controlling and handling stress. Take action and do not forget to come back to give your testimony.

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