Tuesday, August 16, 2016

See The Most Controversial Statement about Cancer. HILARIOUS!!!

Eat fruit

How do you take in your meal? Together with fruit? Do you eat fruit before your meal or after your meal?
Some people will tell you that the food we eat with fruit is the major cause of cancer in the stomach, either you ate it before meal, after or mixed together with meal.

It is rumor that is widespread. Hear the details from John- the person I made enquiries from

"When you eat fruit with meal, Grape as an example; Grape is a very rich anti-oxidant fruit and capable of fast metabolism, therefore goes directly into the bloodstream. Since you’ve also taken in food, as a result, grape will obstruct the food and interrupt digestion. For instance, you take in rice or yam with orange, during mechanical grinding in the stomach, the orange will mix with the slice of yam and cause spoilage of the yam thus leading to cancer . Though, it is a gradual, it doesn't cause cancer immediately. It will also cause a very low metabolism reaction in which digestion wouldn’t be fast as normal, causing bloating of the stomach in some cases."

NOTE - THIS STATEMENT HAS BEEN CLAIMED TO BE UNCERTAIN AND YOU SHOULD STOP SPREADING THE RUMOR - WEBMDA meditterean diet is neccessary if you want to feel better and live longer!

Although we can correct our diet here:


Some people will say they don’t like eating banana because it makes them purge, some will say they
don’t like orange because of the unnecessary swelling of the belly, this is because you don’t eat them right. If you eat right, you will surely love the way they are.

How should we eat our fruit?

How should we eat our fruit

Fruit is best eaten on an empty stomach, make sure you don’t cook, because if you cook it, the nutrient is vanished and you will only eat the taste. Fruit should always be eaten raw, rinse well and eat it as nature put it.  Eating orange very early in the money lower the risk of cancer

Fruits intake helps alot to prevent cancer if they are being eaten properly and in a good way.
Always try to take in fresh fruit most times you feel hungry, You can then take in your meal after the next 20 minutes

Thinking about buying fruit?

Buying fruit

Do not buy fruit in form of any preservation, such as in can, bottle or package. Preserved fruit are already fortified. When you see the word ‘fortified’ in any goods, it means - additives, sweeteners or colourants has been added to make the nutrient look real and taste good. The real nutrient has already gone or spoilt during conservation. Always buy fruit in fresh and as nature created it. This was stated by Dr. Donald Whitaker in his book – ‘’How to feel better and live longer’’- emphasizing on the real and major cause of cancer

Bothering about what fruit to take?


Will orange satisfy me? NO! You don’t have to concentrate on only one major fruit, you can buy different type of fruit and eat. For instance; water-melon and banana is a very good combination, kiwi, pawpaw and pineapple, sweet-melon and orange, mango, banana and orange, and so on. Eating banana on an empty stomach before going to bed can also lower the risk of major cause of cancer in the stomach. Banana serves as detoxifier if eaten on an empty stomach.

Remember one fruit doesn’t have all the vitamins, that’s why it is essential to combine different types of fruit. Just as in food, you will not like only carbohydrate rich nutrient because it’s not just okay and probably be boring.

If you can take fruit for the whole day - breakfast, dinner and lunch for 3-4 days, honestly, your feel will be very great, because series of toxic substance will be pass out from your body system, people will look you and envy your appearance.

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