Wednesday, October 19, 2016

6 Healthy Food Alternatives To Curb Chips and Chocolate Cravings

coconut chips
Coconut Chips instead of Potato Chips
Alot of people crave for potato chips all around the world. Research shows that there is a hazadrous substance that is unintentionally gotten through the processing of Potato chips. Its called Acrylamide- a substance that causes cancer and is potentially neurotoxic chemical which is generated from a rich-carbohydrated food mostly when its cooked, baked or toasted in a very high temperature of 100°C.
Tips: Alot of Carbohydrated foods that are cooked at a high temperature which exceeds 100°C contains Acrylamide.

However to curb your crave for potato chips, you can go for coconut chips which are healthier and contains fibre, anf be used for potato chips best alternative.

                       Crunchy Crispy Chocolate Rice Cake

chocolate rice cake

You can curb your chocolate crave with a crunchy crispsy chocolate rice cake. It has a low calorie of about 60 and also nutritous.

                                   Chocolate Soy Milk

chocolate soy milk

This can be used as substitue to chocolate. However, it is rich and as smooth as chocolate, and also contans Vitamins D and Calcium. Best for fixing your chocolate crave.

                                        Coconut Ice-cream

coconut ice cream

Coconut ice-cream does not have dairy and has no refined sugar content in it. It contains fats produced by natural Oil and agave sweetner.

                                     Flourless Chocolate Cake
flourless chocolate cake in a plate

Flourless chocolate cakes which does not contain gluten is very rich. Gluten is a mixture of proteins found in grains. You can use a slice of it with coffee as dessert.

                                   Frozen Chocolate Banana

With this, you will still feel the taste of chocolate but in a more healthy way by adding alot fat banana which already contains vitamins and Potassium together with fibre makes it nutritious for comsumption. When served frozen, it gives the taste of a banana ice- cream and can be used for chocolate substitue.

The above are my opinion for curbing your chocolate crave. Feel free to share yours below!

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