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How I Setup my Blogs with 1& Custom Domain and Free Blogger Host

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You don't need much experience before you can setup  a business blog or website. If you can adhere these instruction am about to provide here carefully and tactfully you will own almost a free blog. I decided to bring this topic up here to help those who wants to own a monetizing blog but don't know how to go about it.

How to open a free Blogger site

You can setup your blog using either a smartphone, Android phone, Tablet, ipad, laptop or a computer and of course your internet to start creating your blog now.

Now, open your browser, I prefer using google Chrome or Bing but you can use anyone you are comfortable with as your browser option.
Secure a gmail account, you can create one if you don't have any.
Type into your browser '' and sign in using your gmail account.

Click on New Blog and enter your Blog Title, that's the title of your business.

Enter the website address you intend to use to secure your address. For example: mine was 'allwomenshealthtips'. If yours is available, you save it to get something like

Customize your Template by choosing one of the Templates.
I used Awesome Inc. Template and then finished it up with Advance Template located under 'Customize/HTML' section of the Template settings. Click on Customize to edit your Template. I used 1300px for my main blog and 300 each for both sides of my health blog. So as to enable me place Ads on both sides for my health blog.

Meanwhile, you can add some other features to bring it up to a standard. To do that, you will need to go to your 'Layout' and click on  'Add widget' to select some customed features you want to install into your website.

 Add your blog Description, which should be located under your Title, About Us Page, Contact Us page and Privacy Policy. These three are essential especially if you want to monetize your blog.

You can use a Privacy Policy generator to generate your Privacy policy and create a page to add it into your blog.

Go To and login with your gmail account

On your page options select Settings and click on Basic Settings

Under Publishing Blog Address click on 'Add third party' link and enter your subdomain and domain name you purchased from 1&1 ( see below on how to purchase and buy your custom domain before this process).

Using mine as an example:

Enter ''

and click on save

An error 12 code will appear which says that you have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. You don't have to worry about that, it's normal!

You will also see the following below the error message:

Name, Label, or Host
'www' or 'blog' (it depends on the subdomain you chose to use)

Under destination, Target or Points to field:

enter '' as first CNAME. First CNAME is always the same for blogger

For second CNAME:

enter the short code and the long code:

 Eg: DNS CNAME: mbx2ksfyhg   (short code) (long code) ensure you copy it out somewhere so that you don't lose it.

For me i used 'www' as my subdomain and ' as my custom domain i purchased from 1and1, and then save it.

There are two lines shown on the 1and1 site that you will need to configure; that is: www, (same for all website settings and is also called first CNAME while the second CNAME is always different for every website as shown above.

PURCHASING YOUR CUSTOM DOMAIN FROM have upgraded their domain settings for easy use. I use it and its very good for me.

Open your browser and enter
Click on purchase domains only from their homepage.
When it opens, sign up to proceed with the purchase of only domain and then proceed to check out. You pay with your credit card.

Verify your 1&1 account via a link emailed to you. Check your email after an hour to receive your Customer Identification number for your login and use your password.

In your Control panel, by your left click on DOMAINS, when it opens select Manage Domain option to access the 1&1 dashboard overview.

Click on the checkbox sign '^'  on that new subdomain you just created, select DNS--> EDIT DNS SETTING  , you will see two options: DNS and CNAME , click on DNS

Under the Basic DNS Settings, leave the Name Server as: 1&1 name server
then under Advanced DNS SETTINGS

You will locate IP Address (A- Record): select the 'Other 1&1 IP Address'

The IP Address (A-Record) will open, then enter this blogger IP Address: and click on save.

It will redirect you back to the 1&1 dashboard Overview

Click on Create New Subdomain and enter your subdomain 'www' or 'blog' and save it.. It will automatically take you back to 1&1 dashboard overview. Click on that subdomain you just created and select DNS, click on Edit DNS Settings and select CNAME

This time, enter into the box '' and Save to return back to the 1&1 overview dashboard.

Still on the dashboard, Click on 'CREATE  NEW SUBDOMAIN' again

when it opens Enter the first short code of your second CNAME as found in your blogger Basic Settings:

Enter your first short code for e.g: kbjemnilsfj and Save. Yours is different.

You will also be taken back to the 1&1 dashboard overview.

Now locate the second new subdomain you just created and click on the DNS Settings, select the CNAME to enter the second CNAME. Type in your long code provided by blogger. For example: and Save it to return you back to dashboard.

Now you will have to wait and wait till 4hours for google to register your custom domain into their database.

Go back to your site and view your Basic Settings, under Publisher, you will see two web addresses, Click on Edt

Under the Advanced Seetints CHECK the Redirect, for example: to and Click on SAVE. By doing so, your naked custom domain ' will also work for your website.

Also, for your website to start receiving organic traffic you will need to work on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There are also many ways to get your website visible to search engines which we will talk about next time.

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