Thursday, October 6, 2016

Simple ways to keep your skin glowing

There are many ways to enhance your beauty naturally without using any chemicalized product. Discover some simple natural remedies you can apply to look glowy and more beautiful without spoiling your physical appearance:

Hair Treatment With Coconut

If you want to have a long black coloured silky hair that does not break, here is a natural way you can achieve all that. Get a coconut, break it and marsh it into tiny pieces, don't try to separate its fluid from the chaff, use some good quantity and massage it into your scalp just the same way you apply a hair relaxer. Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave it for three hours, then wash your hair with plenty of water, comb out those coconut chaff out from your hair.

 You will notice that your hair feels silky and strong. You can continue to use your normal hair cream. Repeat the above process once every month. With time your hair will begin to grow very long and gets silky without having any breakage. You can be adding a raw coconut in some of your dishes just like the Indians does cook with coconut eventually in all their meals. That's the secret to their long black-silky and healthy hair.

Removal of dark colour on your eye brow and healthy lightening of your skin with Cucumber

If you have dark colour on your eye brow, see how to remove them. Get a cucumber and slice it into some portions, close your eyes and place one on each of your eyes. If you have some dark spots on your face you can place some cucumbers on those spots.
Meanwhile, cucumber is also used for lightening of the skin. If you want to lighten up your skin in a healthy way, what you need to do is to get one cucumber, cut it into some pieces and blend it with a clean blender. Pour it out into a container and use it to massage into your skin and face to have a uniform lightened skin colour. Leave it for 30 minutes and then go and have your normal bath with your soap. Repeat the above process once every week to maintain a natural and healthy fair complexion. Also if you're pregnant and wishes to have a fair healthy baby, eat more of cucumber especially during your last few months of pregnancy. It worked for me in my last baby.

Facial Glowy Tan with Marshed Carrot

If you want to maintain a glowy tan facially, carrots are very good for maintaining a very glowing skin. Get some carrots and marsh it, use it and scrub into the surface of your skin. Leave it for up to 30 minutes and then rinse your face very well before applying your makeup.
Repeat the process once a week to maintain a glowy facial tan.

Pimple Facial Treatment with Tomatoes

These are acne lesions formed due to excess dirts and oils that are trapped under the skin, causing inflammation, irritation, swelling and redness often with pus. Pus are yellowish substance made of leukocytes, that consists of  white cell and dead bacteria that occurs due to inflammation or infection of some body tissues.

There are some natural ways to eradicate pimples but am going to discuss one of which works for all skin type. That's Tomatoes! You cannot underestimate the power of tomatoes. But the the treatment of pimples, get a good tomato and cut it into two, use a part of it to scrub into the affected parts. Don't try to pierce the pimples first. It has the ability to penetrate into your body tissue and revive the dead cells. Its an antioxidant and contains vitamins A and C. After scrubbing the tomato fluid into your skin, leave it to dry up into your skin and after like 30 minutes, you can wash off your face. Try to do this every morning and night for 7 days you will see that those pimples will be fading away living your face smooth. Tomatoes cures pores and diminishes acne.

Facial tips

Facial tip

It will be a wise thing not to give up on this procedure until you get a maximum result. Don't use sponge to scrub your face so as not to scratch your face. It will only leave your face either reddish, swollen or bruised, which will take about three or four days to heal and go back to normal depending on your skin type.

 Your facial skin is very delicate and should be handled with care. When bathing, you can use soap and water to wash your face and rinse your face very well. Avoid using different chemicalized products because as you grow old your body tissues losses their hold thereby living you with wrinkles.

Avoid wearing makeup to sleep, when you're done for the day, use soap and clean water to wash off your makeup. Keep your brushes clean by washing it often, mainly at night and dry it in a room temperature, ready to use the next day. You must not use your makeup for years until it gets finished before you will buy another one. That's wrong! Try to change your makeup at least every six months in other to maintain a healthy face. Avoid touching your face with your hands, so as not to contaminate your face with some bacteria in your hands. If your face scratches you, wash it with soap and avoid using facial cleaners on a regular bases.

Treatment of Bad Breath

Apple eliminates bad breath

If you observe that your mouth smells, try to change your toothpaste and when brushing your teeth ensure you put the brush deep almost into your throat and brush down to your tongue, repeat the process morning and night when brushing your teeth. Try to cough out some unwanted substance whenever you're brushing your teeth.

Eat Apple thrice daily, apple does a great job in breaking down mouth odour as well as body odour. Lemon also do wonderful job in eliminating bad breath as well as black tea and water.

Whitening Of Teeth

Some people have brown dentitions, some said its natural but the good news is that something can be naturally done for it to become white and sparkling. Buy a neat ripe banana, wash it and cut it with knife into some portions. Separate the banana from its cover because you will be using the back of the banana to scrub every single tooth in and out of all your teeth with the inner part of the banana cover. If it soils, put it aside and pick another neat cover to continue with the scrubbing process. Scrub only all your teeth. When you are done, rinse your mouth with water and then pick your brush and toothpaste to brush your teeth.

You will happy to see your teeth sparkling at the first trial, if you repeat this process once in two week, your teeth will become white and sparkling.

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